About us

Compass International

Compass International is a software company that is working under Compass international and provides business solutions to its customers in U.A.E and Middle East throughout extendable ready made applications and customized business solutions.

Our target is to cover all small, medium and selective big companies in order to help them outperform their competitors and ensure that we add value to their business processes and profitability.

Compass International applications are powered by oracle. Team members are oracle certified and have huge experience in oracle. We use the latest technologies provided by oracle in our development to solve problems and provide solutions using both technology and skills.

Our main objective is to satisfy our customers and help them be more competitive in the market by having extensive reports and forecasting.

Compass International has grown by a quantum leap for the past year and is expected to grow at an equal pace in the years to come. This growth is a direct result of its core competencies, Core competencies that enable us to provide the highest quality solutions to our customers.

Compass International regards its key suppliers and key customers as strategic partners. Compass International commits all required resources to ensure that these partnerships are successful and mutually beneficial.

Our Vision

Compass International vision is to be the most successful software company in the Middle East that provides leading solutions and products to all types of businesses. In being so, Compass will strive to meet customer expectations of:

  • High quality software products
  • Best support and services
  • Competitive pricing
  • Leading technology
  • Contribution to economic development of the region
  • Financial stability

Our Mission

Compass International primary mission is to provide software products and solutions that increase the efficiency, effectiveness, and competitiveness of its customers.

Our Values

Compass International will conduct its business with all its stakeholders by operating ethically, being committed to equity in all facets of its operations, empowering its staff to achieve individual and organizational excellence in a fashion consistent with balanced earnings for the organization and its employees.